Get Hyperlocal

Target mobile users to create effective in-app campaigns. 
GPS and Beacon technology can attract customers to your doorstep and guide them throughout your business or event.

Be Live in a Week

Add on to your existing mobile app or try a product customized to your needs. Most campaigns take just a week or so to implement.

Build Better Loyalty

Add value and have more engaging relationships with proximity-based marketing.



A Success Story in the Making

Isle of Puzzles™ – The ultimate social
jigsaw game. Coming soon to your mobile
phone!  Invite your friends and join Tiki,
your lovable island host, as he guides you
through the competitive side of puzzling.


Custom, Proximity Based Ads

Use GPS and Beacons to track and deliver unique, effective campaigns.

Comprehensive Marketing Platform

Add, remove, and modify promotions whenever you want.

Data Analytics

Easy to understand performance statistics.

Loyalty Program Integration

Connect your loyalty and rewards program to location based experiences.

Complete Content Management System

We offer a complete content management system to power your promotions.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our team is ready to help you get your kocomojo on.