KocoConnect 2.0

Build an App Without Code – in Minutes

KocoConnect is great at gathering data, and big on mobile engagement. But what’s EXTRA BIG about KocoConnect is how easy it is to design and assemble a mobile app in minutes. Build from scratch or update existing apps. Avoid hiring expensive developers — KocoConnect auto-programs every screen.

Upload images, GIFs and video, then choose colors and fonts. Design your screens using the visual drag ‘n drop editor. Toggle between iOS and Android to preview your work in every popular mobile screen size.

When your designs are done, arrange and connect each screen on the app canvas. Publish to iTunes and Google Play only once. Updates and content changes happen in real time.

Say goodbye to builds that took ten weeks — with KocoConnect, you’ll complete yours in minutes.


With KocoConnect 2.0, you can upgrade existing apps or build your own from scratch to quickly get your branded app to market. Choose from a full suite of features to build engaging, interactive experiences. Incentivize your users when and where it matters most with location-triggered content.  Or, ask your members to donate to your favorite causes with in-app purchases. Your mobile clients will love your virtual prizes, real-life rewards, and sleek experiences.

Subscribe to KocoConnect 2.0 off the shelf or get a fully customized app to meet your specific business needs. Whether your app has ten thousand users or three million, Kocomojo offers pricing to accommodate your audience and budget.


Want to preview your KocoConnect 2.0 creations in a test app? Download the SDK and check out our GitHub repo for example code. After you design your screens, add mobile payments, construct surveys, schedule local push messaging, and create geofence or beacon-triggered campaigns. Use the example code to build an app and view, adjust and test your creations before publishing to any existing or new mobile application.

KocoConnect 2.0 is ideal for designers and developers, client presentations, mobile device strategies, campaign pitches and consumer tests. Building new app creations couldn’t be easier.

KocoConnect 2.0


Add Key Features

Use KocoConnect to make new apps or customize existing ones. Your apps can perform a variety of functions, including:

Mobile Payments
Mobile Payments

Start selling from your app right away. Add a ”Donate Now” button or a “Buy” button for user-relevant causes, products and services. KocoConnect is fully integrated with Stripe Payments; the best way to accept payments in mobile apps.

Location-Triggered Interactions

Communicate and interact with the right people at the right time, in the right place. KocoConnect manages and employs geofence and beacon technology to push relevant content and notifications based on your users’ physical location.  Message them the moment they want to hear from you.

Add a Login Screen

Secure your content and build authentication into your mobile app. If you need users to login with Facebook, Google+, or an email and password, KocoConnect gives you the tools to add authentication and user profile screens in minutes.

interactive forms
Build Interactive Forms

Ask users questions, gather information, and capture data. Use the KocoConnect form builder to design digital forms to help users interact with your app.

real time update
Real-time Updates

Keep your app content fresh with real-time updates.  Add new screens, change the visual design, modify copy and more. Say goodbye to app store reviews, KocoConnect instantly publishes changes as you make them, eliminating the need for app store re-submissions.

Digital Creativity Unleashed

Your Industry. Your App. Your Design.

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    KocoConnect 2.0



    We’re in a new era of digital marketing. You can deliver highly contextual information to your consumers’ mobile devices, separating your brand, products and services from the competition. Launch persuasive in-app campaigns and high-engagement, digital experiences targeted at your prospects and customers with KocoConnect 2.0 and the Kocomojo SDK available for both iOS and Android.

    KocoConnect 2.0


    The Benefits Of Engagement

    Your Industry. Your App. Your Design.

    Scavenger Hunts

    Lead users on real-world treasure hunts and guided walks. Create digital breadcrumbs of events and places using geofence or beacons. Pre-place secret codes and other dramatic enhancers to engage your audience.

    Message Nearby Users When It Counts

    Create custom push notifications based on when and where you want to engage your customers.

    Audience Rewards and Incentives

    Reward users when they engage. They love receiving virtual prizes. Wow your users with rewards, coupons and other robust experiences. Winning stuff when and where it thrills is extra gratifying.

    Build Brand Loyalty

    Build brand loyalty at your event or business through the creative engagement of proximity-smart mobile marketing. Entice prospects and customers to interact with your brand when and where it matters most.

    Measure User Engagement

    Track engagement from the time a notification is sent to a phone to the moment a user opens and engages.  Track notification open rates, campaign view rates, and user conversion rates. Easily understand your mobile marketing statistics.

    A/B Test Your Screens

    Flexible, real-time editing and publishing.  No app store submissions required.

    Developer Resources

    Access the Kocomojo SDK