7 Ways Mobile App Developers are Changing Digital Marketing

If your company isn’t investing in mobile app developers you may already be behind the curve. While the large brands like Amazon or Marriott may have once dominated the app industry times have changed.

Mobile apps are one of the best ways for businesses of any size to invest in marketing. The access to audiences is unprecedented and allows a closer relationship than traditional digital tools.

With mobile apps, you can be as invaluable to your clients as a map, calculator, or checkbook once was. You can move from an ancillary product or service to an integral part of their everyday lives.

Not sure how a mobile app can transform your approach to marketing? Here are 7 ways mobile apps are the future of marketing:

1. Analytics

In the old days, companies had to pay for marketing and research as separate line items. A mobile app is unique in its access to customer data.

You will be learning about buying habits, location, lifestyle, and more. Marketing research used to be educated guesswork with sample groups.

Mobile apps allow you to collect information on your actual users. You will know what they respond to exactly.

Armed with this level of analytics you can create a mobile app experience tailored to their needs.

What if your sale on product X coincided exactly with the moment your customers needed something? This is possible with mobile apps.

2. Build A Brand

A mobile app is a must for any company building a brand. Take a drive down your nearest interstate and observe the number of billboards and signs marketers spend money on.

How many businesses invest in a 30 second commercial or a magazine spread just to get access to a customer base? And this isn’t just to grow an audience.

One of the most recognizable brands in the world, Coca-Cola, spends approximately $1 billion annually on advertising.

A Better Platform for Branding

Smartphones and mobile devices provide a more intimate platform and a more stable investment for branding though. Mobile app developers will help you create an app with a graphic that lives on the device of your users.

They will be constantly reminded of your goods and service just by picking up their phones.

People check their phones 85 times a day on average. That is a lot of exposure and opportunity to build your brand.

3. Customer-Centric Experience

Use the data you have on your users to tailor their experience. Netflix makes recommendations based on past viewing.

You can do the same. Create the mobile app behavior around location, need, and habits and you have a much more effective platform than the traditional internet can offer.

4. Move From Information To Tools

One of the best ways to develop a brand personality is by asking what problem your product or service solves. The best brands are recognizable as fulfilling a need.

Rolex provides luxury timepieces. Wal-Mart provides a discount shopping experience.

What does your brand offer? If you are working to solidify that brand, a mobile app can help.

Using mobile app developers will allow you to offer the solution right there on a smartphone. Rather than go through the internet to get what they need, your clients can have the tools they need right in their hand.

Designing a mobile app is more than making a webpage. It provides the solution immediately to the client’s request.

The Support they Need

If you have a loyalty campaign, a mobile app can allow your clients to track their goals. Amazon allows easy access to one-click shopping through their mobile app, and a way to track deliveries.

Combining your brand strategy with a focus on customer needs will move your app from basic information. By providing a solution to customer needs over and over again customers associate apps with essential tools.

Your app doesn’t depend on the size of your company either. You can have a robust customer experience virtually without a heavy investment in brick and mortar stores.

5. Audience Expansion

The first priority in building an audience is keeping your existing one. Too many marketing campaigns lose focus on their core foundation of clients.

It doesn’t pay to lose a customer for every new one you bring in. The first way mobile app developers can help a business grow is by client retention.

Americans check their phones 8 billion times per day. With a mobile app, you can have unprecedented visibility and connection with this audience.

Building on the base, a mobile app can help businesses connect with clients. A mobile app eliminates the middlemen of search engines and referrals.

By creating direct access between your new and existing clients and your product or service you can watch your audience soar.

6. Control The Experience

With a mobile app, you can create messages or reminders. You can provide prompts and different levels of access.

Rather than wait for a customer to turn on a TV or look at their phone, mobile apps provide an interactive 2-way street.

7. An Integrated Approach

All of us like life to be easier. The integrated approach of mobile apps can make shopping, scheduling service, accessing information, or any experience that much easier.

By integrating analytics and customer needs you will be offering a different approach to marketing. Choose influencers, offer promotions, or provide an entertaining experience.

No matter what route you take with app development it is an active experience. Mobile apps have the benefit of accessing a customer base that is already taking actions in favor of your brand.

Build on this active approach and your sales can soar.

Get the Best From Mobile App Developers

Creating a mobile app may be the best way to connect with an audience and build your brand. But without the best approach, it can fail dramatically,

Mobile app development requires an integrated approach to customer needs and business goals. If the app is a design success it will answer a need.

KocoConnect has been repeatedly proven to be the best and most effective way to build an app from scratch.

From Scavenger Hunts to A/B Testing and Messaging based on location, our developer tools provide a platform for app development around your goals.

Creating an app that is engaged with and useful requires a different skill set than traditional digital content. Make sure you are getting the best support.

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