Keep it Easy: The Missing Element of Most Beacon Campaigns

In the age of connected devices, beacons are taking center stage with marketers and operations managers across multiple industries. You may be hearing words like “high mobile engagement”, “greater customer loyalty”, and “personalized marketing” with some brands reaching the once unheard of 60 to 80% engagement rate. Digital marketers are getting passionate about using proximity to build the most personal relationships with customers, in real time. Everywhere you look you see sexy stats about how beacons are being used at Bonnaroo (YAY! Millennials!), Target (YAY! Moms!) or Kenneth Cole (YAY! People with disposable income!). According to David Kaplan in this recent GeoMarketing blog piece, the Location Based Marketing Association reports that 25 percent of global marketing budgets are spent on location-based marketing. That’s a huge number, and the reason is straightforward… it works!

But, the marketers are leaving something out. They are not telling you how to do it.

It seems easy:

1)      Buy a beacon – they’re totally cheap.

2)      Design a beacon campaign.

3)      Purchase or develop a custom content management system. Custom backend solutions can start around $150,000 and take a few months of development.

4)    Publish to mobile, engage, and attract every member of your target audience to your store.

Oh, wait.  #3 seems like a bit of a hurdle. Ouch. There isn’t much written on an affordable, efficient implementation of beacon marketing campaigns. Beacons can be purchased on numerous websites, but where is the affordable software solution?

That’s what we’re here for.  

Kocomojo has developed a software platform called KocoConnect for beacon technology that actually allows you to get started on your custom beacon campaigns in a matter of minutes.  Integration into your mobile app is guaranteed to take less than one hour with the help of an experienced developer.  KocoConnect provides a complete end-to-end CMS and rules engine for digital marketers and operations managers to create a variety of proximity-based experiences inside any application while collecting valuable beacon triggered user data. It’s built for marketers with a friendly drag and drop editor, and it’s priced to work for any sized company. We think it’s easier than creating a WordPress blog or placing a Facebook ad.

In this age of uber agility, you can make adjustments in real time. Did you accidentally start selling “soup” instead of “soap?” Just fix it and get back to wooing your customers with fantastic mobile experiences. We’re working to keep it simple.

Over the next months, we will continue to share inspirational content to help you create your successful beacon campaigns.  If you have questions, we’d love to answer them. Email us: info at

Thanks for using Kocomojo!

By: Kristan Hamill and Dave Howard