Buttons and Their Actions

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Add a single button or a group of two or three at a time from the lefthand button menu. Treat buttons like containers by dragging text or assets into the button and modify as usual.



The button properties menu has two significant features for programming your button.  The first is criteria. If you want to apply location or time criteria to your button, select either the location, time or both and then choose an action for what happens when the criteria are met and what happens for when the criteria are not met.

The majority of cases your button will not use criteria. In which case leave criteria blank and only apply an action for criteria met.




The choices for actions are:

  • None – Does nothing. Provides you with a blank button.
  • Check-In – Checks against a location when a location is selected.
  • Submit Form – Sends form data.
  • Navigate To Screen or Pop Up – Links to a new screen or pop up in the app.
  • Navigate to Previous Screen – Take the user back to the last app screen they were on.
  • Mobile Payments – Opens a payments window to accept a credit card.
  • Go To Experience – Links to a different experience you have set up.
  • Open URL – Opens a URL, email, or telephone number menu.
  • Close Screen – Closes the current screen.