Preview and Test Your App Before Publishing

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Mobile App Testing with the Kocomojo! App

The Kocomojo! App provides an app testing environment, so you can preview your app creation and test the operability before publishing to the world. Download the Kocomojo! App from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Enter the username KOCOMOJO and use the test API key you created in the Manage Apps section of KocoConnect for the password. Never share your branded app’s API key.

Visit the Publish Experience Section under Manage Experiences.  Select the test app’s name you created.  Select your experience’s name and use the arrow to move it into the column on the right.  Then, Publish.

Make sure the Kocomojo! App is fully closed on your phone and not running in the background.  Open the app, wait for the blue gift box to appear in the upper right corner. If you set up location-based experiences, you may also see a list of beacons and geofences displayed in gray text. Tap the blue gift box.  If you only have one experience published in the app, it will automatically open.  If there are multiple experiences posted in the app, you will see a list.

Be sure to close the app before updating. The app will automatically update the next time it launches.