KocoConnect Levels The Playing Field With In-House App Development

A businesses’ web presence, by itself, is not sufficient in the 21st century. Forward-thinking business owners understand online activity is shifting towards mobility. Smartphone apps are too valuable a marketing tool and one which forward-moving business owners won’t do without.

Smartphone usage has been like a snowball rolling down a mountain, gaining speed and size by the hour. Roughly 75% of Americans check their mobile phones hourly, and 90% of that is spent using apps. Watching television used to consume most of Americans’ discretionary time. Now those minutes and hours are spent looking at their mobile devices.

The rise in mobile usage has made apps a marketing tool for companies of all sizes. Apps permit increased engagement with customers, boost repeat visits and open the door for online transactions and push notifications. Additionally, apps accelerate informational content which enhances customer relationships. Fast responses turn buyers into prized customers.

Several companies have simplified the process of creating and testing mobile apps and positioning the tools in a businesses’ price range.

Award Winning Software And Service

The top-tier company in the industry is Kocomojo, a fast-growing company headquartered in Sarasota, Florida. Kocomojo’s award-winning app development package, KocoConnect, has repeatedly proven to be the fastest — and easiest– way to build an app from scratch.

All three steps — design, building, and publishing — are completed in minutes with no coding experience required and no costly developers to pay. The result for the business owner is a complete mobile app which includes a broad range of features.

Build From Scratch With Ease

KocoConnect shines when gathering data and managing mobile engagement. KocoConnect remains in the top echelon of the industry by providing small to medium size businesses with quality design and ease of assembly. Both the ability to build from scratch and updating existing apps are streamlined and eliminates the need for costly developers.

KocoConnect’s drag and drop system permit owners to develop their apps, host them and collect usage in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner.

With Kocomojo as a partner, businesses are now building and testing mobile apps inexpensively and quickly. App builds which used to take weeks by a costly developer are now completed by your staff within minutes.

Not Just For Bank Of America

Mobile apps are no longer just for Wal-Mart and the ‘big boys.’ Each day more small to midsize businesses understand impelling mobile strategy is more than just a mobile-affable website.

There are multiple benefits which accrue to businesses with mobile apps.


According to comScore’s 2017 Cross Platform Future in Focus, the typical American is on their mobile devices almost three hours a day. Despite a smattering of apps making up the bulk of usage, each user still must unlock, scroll and scan the device for an app. Being “in the way” may be advantageous to your business as the mind records every well-engineered app it comes across — even if the user doesn’t notice.

Marketing Conduit

Apps serve multiple functions such as providing general information, pricing, booking sheets, search functionality, news streams and more. Possibly the greatest benefit to a business with a mobile app is the placement of information at customers’ fingertips. Customers are reminded of your goods and services through auto-announcements .

Provide Value

Having fingertip access to information provides additional value to customers. Have a loyalty program in place? Digitize it. Turn the old point-aggregation card into a mobile app and make it easy for customers to accumulate their payoff. Ease and accessibility result in more downloads and return customers.

Brand Recognition

Build brand recognition and brand awareness with a mobile app.

Brand Recognition. The more times your customer gets involved with the app, the quicker they tend to buy your product or service. Hearing or seeing your brand roughly twenty times gets you noticed.

Brand Awareness. A mobile app is a clear signboard waiting for you to make it fashionable, cool and useful. Not to mention informative. By creating an app that has features customers enjoy builds brand awareness.

Customer Engagement

Regardless of your product or service, your customer needs an easy way to reach your business. A messaging feature inside your app makes a difference. For example, instead of calling a restaurant for a reservation, it can be booked with less than four clicks on their device. How many consumers would prefer to interact with you through several clicks instead of a phone?

Small Businesses Stand Out

Mobile apps, in the small business sector, are still rare. Having one will put you far in front of your competition. Customers are astonished by progressive thinking when they find their favorite small store has an app!

Grow Customer Loyalty

The most significant benefit of building an app is customer loyalty. With all of the noise in the marketplace — billboards, blinking signs, flyers, coupons, websites, Facebook ads — businesses lose their impact on customers. Having an app makes a valid and robust connection with customers while turning them into loyal buyers.

With KocoConnect, small and medium businesses build their app without coding. Built-in templates, components and a sophisticated backend system, including tutorials, make it easy for anyone to produce their app. Kocomojo also offers its Pro-Service for businesses who would like Kocomojo to develop and build an app for their company.

Contact Kocomojo at info@kocomojo.com, or call 941-907-4213 and increase your brand awareness while strengthening brand recognition.