How To Make Your Own App For A Small Business

We live in the digital era where everything is accessible at your fingertips. While people are swiping on social media, you want them to find your small business.

What’s an easy way to increase brand awareness and satisfy your customers? Create an app.

An app will help your business in many ways. Customers can shop, track orders, view sales, and other tasks associated with your business.

Whether you’re in e-commerce or another industry, a business app is a great way to make your company accessible to customers.

So, how do you create an app? Learn how to make your own app for your business.

Start with an Idea

This seems like an obvious first step, but it’s one of the most important when you want to make your own app.

Truly think about all of the minor details. This includes the layout, the design, what your customers can do on the app, is there anything they won’t be able to do, etc.

Do some market research and testing. Know what your niche customers like and want. Scan forums, social media, and your customer reviews. See how the app will help your customers shop.

Also, find ways to be unique. Your business may be unique, but without a good value proposition you’ll be known as ‘another small business with an app.’ Offer a legitimate reason for your customers to download your app.

Finally, lay out your idea on paper. Include sketches if you can. This will help in the next step.

Hire a Developer

Once you have your idea laid out on paper, it’s time to shop around for a developer. Do you plan on keeping your developer around permanently? Find a developer looking for full-time work.

Do you expect to use one per project to help save money? You can easily find a freelancer. If you use freelance websites, make sure you read the reviews to see if the developer is legitimate.

You can also find a third-party development company. Their services are more expensive but worth it in the long run.

After you find your developer, communication is key. Send over the notes and sketches you made when you crafted your idea.

Have weekly meetings and be in contact every day. Regularly ask for updates and monitor the progress. Have a tentative deadline in mind and discuss this with your developer.

If the developer did a great job, see if they can continue to be outsourced or even hired.

Use an App Maker

No luck with a developer? Use an online app maker to make your own app. They make it easy to customize your app. You can choose a simple app or a more complex and personalized one.

Find an app maker that uses features your company needs. If you’re an e-commerce brand, find an app maker that lets you install in-app purchasing, discounts, and an area to insert their membership or loyalty account information.

If you run a different kind of business, find an app maker that offers contact forms and other features such as requesting a quote. If you’re in the art field, see if you can upload your portfolio.

All app makers should allow social media and website linking.

These app makers may be more expensive in the long term. Depending on the services they offer, they usually charge you a monthly fee, anywhere between $30 and $500. However, these fees usually include unlimited editing and constant updates.

DIY App Tools

If you’re on an extremely tight budget, make your own app. You can create a simple app with minimal tech knowledge.

Similar to the app builder mentioned previously, there are similar companies that offer free or cheap app builders. These aren’t as comprehensive, but they get the job done.

Market and Fund Your App

After the app is created, the duties rely on you. You may not be a developer, but there are tasks you can do to increase the awareness of your app.

Strategize ways to market your app. Have links to your website and all social media pages. Link your app to a QR scanner and pass out physical flyers or business cards. Offer discounts or exclusive special offers with an app download.

You also need to fund the app. Are you using your own revenue to pay for the app? Will you take a loan or get an investor?

An app can be a financial burden. You’re already enduring costs to create the app and there are costs for the upkeep.

Start Monetizing Your App

There are benefits of making your app free. That’s more exposure for your brand. And who doesn’t like free stuff?

But you need to think about your income. Does your business have enough sources of income to sustain a free app? Or will you need to charge for the app?

If your customers need to buy the app, the easiest way to charge is a small download fee. Even a 30 cent fee can draw in a decent amount of income. But even though that’s a low cost, Millenials hate paying for apps.

Another good strategy is purchasing products from the app. You can offer exclusive app-only products and app-only sales. Not an e-commerce company? Optimize ads for your app.

If your customers see value in your app, they will download it. Understand your customers and know what they want. This includes what to charge.

Get Started Today!

It’s easy to look at the amazing apps on your phone and wonder how they’re made.

But a great idea, some money, and maybe some professional assistance are all you need. While you might be intimidated by the upkeep costs, understand our generation of consumers responds better to apps and mini sites.

An app is a great tool to increase brand awareness and attract new customers. It’s becoming easier than ever before to create an app for your business. All small businesses should take advantage of this simple and effective tool.

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