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Every social media message needs to be massaged to fit the medium. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram all speak different languages, and each one uses a unique tone. Facebook requires that you talk like a human being and show interest in the same subjects as your base. Tweets are made of memes or abbreviated conversation starters. Instagram needs a higher level of photography to compete.

Speakin’ beacon is no different. Think about the timing, tone, and the visual experience of your messaging. Timing is a big one. Every expert out there has a theory on the “right” time to send the message, but they all have one rule: Send the message when it is relevant. Proximity is the most personalized experience of all of these because users receive messages while they are contemplating a purchase.

Timing Your Message

Do you want to talk to someone the minute they go through the door or wait until they have been shopping in a certain section of the store? That probably depends on the story you are trying to tell. If your customers are weekly or more shoppers, tell them what is new when they walk through the door. If someone is more purposed based and he comes to the location a little less frequently, that person may need more finesse once he has been on the property a bit.

Be of Service

Your proximity based marketing campaign shouldn’t be (nor should it be) just about coupons. A coupon may bring a customer into the store or push a purchase, but you should remember, you are always in the service industry. If a customer thinks that a beacon campaign is just a billboard in their pocket, they will tune out and disengage. Be of service, for example, if you are designing the campaign for Lowe’s, and a customer is spending a good amount of time in the BBQ section, they may be having a hard time determining which grill is right for them. A BBQ, like many purchases, can be a deeply personal lifestyle decision. Propane is quicker. Charcoal tastes better.  This is an ongoing argument in the head of every backyard Emeril. Ask if they need assistance rather than just shouting out the latest deals. Or, offer a helpful, mini-training video. Perhaps the customer isn’t even aware of your hybrid model.

Say Thank You

When a customer leaves a store, always thank them for their patronage, even if a conversion didn’t happen this time. Proximity Marketing is the most personal of all the marketing campaigns. The phone has become the most relied upon item that a person carries. Make sure that your customer knows you care when they leave. Building a relationship provides value and assures greater marketing success. Remember, it’s all about them.

Like learning a language, there are endless rules and slang that you will need to add to make it your own. Feel free to play around at Kocomojo. Our software is flexible, so you can change any part of your message when you need to.

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Published by Kristan Hamill on January 3, 2017.